About Vitullo Architecture Studio PC: Architecture Takoma Park

Vitullo Architecture Studio PC offers a high level of design expertise to any building project. Rick Vitullo AIA, has over 30 years of experience in residential design, and he is particularly proficient working on house renovations, additions, restorations and new construction in the Historic District of Takoma Park, as well as many other areas of Montgomery County and Washington, D.C. These projects are distinguished by their attention to detail, visual appeal, seamlessness of design between new and old, maximization of sustainable design elements, and efficiency of layout.

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What our clients Have to say

“Rick was very easy and pleasant to work with. He had many ideas of his own but was also happy to listen to and work with our own ideas. Being in a historic house in a historic district, we were very concerned about the process of historical permits and approvals. Rick handled all of that with ease and we didn't have to worry about a thing. He was always available to talk over changes and come up with new ideas as the construction was in process. As for our house, we have a small house and had to work on a tight budget. The small renovation that Rick designed has completely changed the look and flow of our house. As one friend (and an architect herself) commented, "This is how this house was always meant to be. “

- Mary H.

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Benefits of Architectural Services

A knowledgeable architect can analyze and bring together all of the pertinent elements critical for a project’s success, prioritizing them as each project warrants. These include the following considerations: budget, function and circulation, zoning and building codes, sustainability, aesthetic and historic aspects, natural light and views, materials, structural and house systems (HVAC, electrical, lighting, and plumbing). No other building professional has this broad and complete range of knowledge about all aspects of a building project, and Vitullo Architecture Studio PC has a proven track record for excelling in this task.

Some of the unique services include:

Historic house renovations and additions:

Vitullo Architecture Studio PC has many years of experience in the preservation and restoration of, and additions to, historic houses throughout the region. This includes working with the local jurisdiction on getting the necessary historic area work permit, critical for any project built in a historic district.

Timely service:

We only work on a select number of projects at a time, so we can focus on and deliver projects expeditiously.

Visual communication:

With a background in visual arts and architecture, our firm provides dynamic images for clear communication of the design for clients, and we create clear and complete construction drawings that are also easy to understand by construction trade professionals.p>